Texas toast sloppy

Texas toast sloppy 1

I remember as a kid having Sloppy Joe’s A Lot.
I’m pretty sure they were the canned variety.

Until I created this recipe for Sweetbay Supermarket , I always used the canned Sloppy Joe sauce too.

But let me tell you, making the sauce from scratch is not only WAY better than the can, but it is also really really easy!!!

And how fun is it to make those Sloppy Joe’s opened faced? And on some cheesy Texas Toast!!! Much better than a boring ol’ bun.

In my opinion, you just can’t serve these old school sandwiches without corn on the cob. That would be like having grilled cheese without tomato soup. It’s illegal I think.

What really put this meal over the top is that is feeds a family of four, takes less than 20 minutes to cook AND it’s only $10!!!!!!!

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