Southern Cornbread Dressing

Southern Cornbread Dressing 1


3 pkg
cornbread mix,no sugar added
1 pkg
saltine crackers
6 slice
white bread,dried
1 can(s)
cream of chicken soup
4 stick
celery,chopped fine
1 stick
1 tsp
7 c
chicken broth or turkey broth(i make homemade)
6 large
seasoned salt,garlic and onion powder
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How to Make Southern Cornbread Dressing

I make cornbread the night before, let cool then I crumble it and leave to sit over night along with the 6 pieces of bread,to let dry out.
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees
First I take the butter and melt,then I add the celery and saute till tender,then I add the can of soup and 2 cups of broth,cook this till soup is desolved into broth.
In a large pan or bowl whatever you mix your ingredients in put ur cornbread,white bread (crumbled) and sleeve of crackers,mix this all together.
Now add the soup and broth mixture.Mix well
Add your sage and seasoning.Mix
Now start adding broth a little at a time till you get it to a really moist texture.
Taste now before adding your eggs to see if you need more seasonings.
I use onion and garlic powder,seasoned salt and pepper.
If seasonings taste good to you now add your eggs and mix well.
Pour inot your casserole pan and cover with foil.(Better for your pan to be longer then deeper it will cook faster.)
I bake for 1 hour then remove foil and add dots of butter to cover the top.
Now cook till middle is set and its nice and brown on top.
*Note:the next day I will take dressing out let get to room temp,take a hand full out and form into patties,if it doesn't stick together then put some into a bowl and add an egg,(1 per every 6 pattys) then fry in heated oil till crispy on both sides,serve with leftover gravy over top mmmm so good.

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