Easy Big Fat Yeast Rolls

Easy Big Fat Yeast Rolls 1

“ They never fail to make huge, tall, soft, chewy, buttery rolls .”

Baking them – you must smell them baking . Unbelievable! The whole house smells like “welcome home” on a cold rainy day. 💕

Oh my grandma made yeast bread and buns. Oh, I fail those cold drizzly days coming home from school & house would be so warm and smell of bread & yeast stew .

* Ingredients:

° 250g Plain yogurt

° 250g Flour

° 1 bag Baking powder

° 1 tbsp. level of salt

* Preparation steps:

Preheated oven to 200 ° C.

Blend flour /  baking powder / salt.

Make a well in the center, pour in the yogurt and mix it all with a spatula.

Finish by kneading gently by hand, with your fingertips, just to roll the dough into a ball. Add a little flour if the dough is really sticky.

Cut the dough into 8 pieces. Roll them quickly into a ball on a floured work surface. Place them as you go on a baking sheet lined with baking paper.

Bake for 20 minutes.


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