8 Ways to Stay Motivated and Reach Your Fitness Goals

It’s easy to say you’re “trying to lose weight,” but it’s so hard to stay motivated. If you want results, you need some motivational tips to keep you in it for the long haul, and I have them! These are the best ways to stay motivated over the course of your weight-loss journey.

Set Realistic Goals and Expectations

Planning to lose 20 pounds in one month? Unless you’re a contestant on The Biggest Loser, it’s unlikely you’re going to do that. Unrealistic goals actually set you up for failure; you won’t stay motivated to continue when it doesn’t work out.

If you read about a diet or exercise plan promising super-speedy results, remind yourself of the adage we’ve all heard a million times: “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!” Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint and lasting results take time and effort, so get real!

Keep a Photo Diary of Your Successes

Having a collection of progress photos is an awesome way to keep your spirits high! One study even shows how a photo diary can keep dieters motivated, making them more likely to reach their target weight.

It makes sense. When you look at your body in the mirror every day, it’s hard to see a difference. But having photographic proof of what you looked like before and after (and during) your weight-loss journey will show you how far you’ve come. For even more motivation, post your photos on social media to share with supportive friends.

Enjoy What You Do for Exercise

If you hate running on the treadmill, chances are, you won’t do it. It’s hard to stay motivated if an activity feels like torture! But there’s good news: Exercise comes in so many forms; you just need to find something you love!

Like to dance? Check out Zumba classes or online videos. Eager to squeeze in some quality friend time? Enlist your buds for daily walk and talks. Not sure where to start? Grab a class schedule from the local gym and see if any of the options pique your interest. Sometimes an inspiring instructor is a motivation you need to get your butt to class! Find a workout that you truly look forward to, and motivation won’t be a problem.

Get a Full Night’s Rest

This might seem like an unlikely tip for motivation, but it works. Why? When we’re tired, our ability to think straight falters and our emotions take over. And who hasn’t reached for a pint of ice cream when feeling yucky? Seriously, sleep could be the surprising reason you aren’t losing weight!

Buddy Up!

Finding a partner in your weight-loss efforts will make a huge difference in your success. Having someone to hold you accountable is extremely motivating. You’re less likely to skip that workout if you know your friend is counting on you, right?

And even if you don’t have someone to lose with, you can find support from all over the world, courtesy of social media. There are so many inspirational weight-loss groups on Facebook that you can join. Get involved!

Reward Yourself

Who isn’t motivated to succeed by the promise of reward? Choose something that correlates to your weight-loss success. Drop a pants size? Buy yourself a new pair of jeans! Are muscles sore because you’ve been working out hard? Sounds like you’ve earned yourself a message. There are even apps and group challenges that promise financial rewards for weight-loss success… Put your money where your mouth is!

Don’t Live or Die by the Scale

Yes, the scale is the most tangible way to monitor weight loss, however, we put too much weight(pun intended) into the numbers. Many factors affect your weight, like how much water you’ve had to drink that day and how much sodium you consumed the day before.

If you weigh yourself daily you may lose motivation. I recommend picking the same time once a week to weigh yourself. Wear similar clothing when you weigh in. And to really grasp your progress, use other things, like the fit of your jeans and those photos I mentioned!

Don’t Be a Perfectionist

Get rid of that all-or-nothing attitude. It’s awful for motivation. When goals become unachievably rigid, we give up. One inevitable slip-up, and you’ll want to throw in the towel.

Don’t be that way. Be kind to yourself. You’re only human, after all! Setbacks are normal. You don’t have to give up all your favorite foods when dieting; that’s a total weight-loss myth. Remember that, and weight loss will get easier.

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